Morinaka Schworm Attorneys

Morinaka Schworm Attorneys

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At Morinaka Schworm, LLC, we want to be the law firm for you and your family.

We provide our clients with legal guidance and representation in all areas of their lives, from advice on family business matters, divorces and custody, to securing settlements and litigating cases in the event of a vehicular accident, personal injury or civil dispute.

Many law firms try to specialize in one particular area of law, and their clients have to go elsewhere when a different legal matter arises. That type of law firm isn’t expecting you to come back to them when some other major event occurs in your life. What incentive does that provide for them to fully look out for you?

We want to get to know you, earn your trust, and establish a continued, long term relationship with you while helping you with as many of your varied legal needs as possible.

Attorneys are supposed to work for their clients – we want to work with you as well.

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